Health August 25, 2021 | 4:33 pm

The use of masks falls in Santiago

Santo Domingo, DR
People who travel through the streets of Santiago and who have between two and three doses of vaccine against Covid-19 do so without masks, but this is not pleasing doctors and authorities who warn that although cases have decreased, it is critical to comply with the protocols established by the Public Health authorities.
In commercial establishments that previously strictly required the covers, they now let those customers go unnoticed.
“I have the three vaccines, why take care of myself so much, that those who have not been given even the first one are taken care of,” said a customer at a supermarket in downtown Santiago who identified herself as Oneida.
However, blacksmith Carlos Mejia added that since the two doses against the coronavirus were applied, he uses the mask very little.
He also said that his wife has both applications against Covid- 19 and that she became infected with the virus, but that she did not feel it as severely, and she was treated at home.
The Public Health authorities in Santiago argue that beds in both the intensive care units and those established to care for these patients have decreased considerably in public and private health centers in Santiago and Cibao.
Doctors in the region are asking the population not to lower their guard with the prevention against Covid-19.

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