Local August 27, 2021 | 2:10 pm

Government to guarantee everyone access to the internet

Santo Domingo, DR

President Luis Abinader announced yesterday that the Government would implement through the Digital Transformation Cabinet, belonging to the Ministry of the Presidency, the connectivity plan contemplated in the Digital Agenda 2030 through Decree 527-21.

The president defined this Digital Agenda 2030 as the roadmap for economic and social reactivation after the pandemic and raising the levels of productivity and national competitiveness, which would place the Dominican Republic in better positioning in global markets.

He also stressed that it would improve citizens’ quality of life because they will receive more and better services from the public sector and a digitally transformed private industry.

“Our citizens will develop new digital skills that will allow them to access better jobs. And it will increase social control and participation, with a more empowered and connected society,” he said.

The plan promises broadband internet to connect all Dominicans affordably, achieve social inclusion, close the digital divide, and develop a national digital economy, contributing to sustainable economic and social development.

In addition, the provision of an institutional environment that promotes a digital, open, inclusive, participatory, and rights-based society.

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