Local August 28, 2021 | 12:17 pm

Infections are threats to public health

Santo Domingo, DR

The recurrence of infections in many infants, as well as inadequate treatments of these conditions, represent today one of the top 10 public health threats in the world due to the resistance of many organisms to the use of antibiotics, which drives specialists to look for alternatives that improve the condition of minor patients.

In the framework of the medical update breakfast of the Dominican Society of Pediatrics, Dr. Gustavo Lazo, international guest panelist and pediatric clinical immunologist highlighted very particular factors of childhood that affect a greater recurrence of infections, which must be taken into account.

Some of those mentioned are that the child has a reduced caliber of the airways; the immune system is immature; presents a high prevalence of allergies and is exposed to specific agents in the environment. The specialist explained that the environment represents important factors for the effects and foci of infections, so he recommends taking care of early schooling, second-hand cigarettes, overcrowding, and pollution.

The pediatrician emphasizes that this antimicrobial resistance threatens the Sustainable Development Goals in health issues, which is why specialists need to know the protocols and guidelines for a better approach.

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