Local August 30, 2021 | 9:14 am

Dominican Catholic Church in leadership ‘vacuum’

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Episcopate Conference president Freddy Bretón, defended the current leadership of the Catholic church before the affirmation of the bishop of Baní, Víctor Masalles, that there is a leadership vacuum that has excluded her in recent years from the scenarios of dialogue and agreement.

Breton indicated that “undoubtedly, the church has to make itself present in society. Its nature and its own mission lead it to interact with all social entities and with people in particular.”

However, Breton argued that “the church should intervene in society, but it does not have to do it in everything, because it is not even an expert in all issues.” And he added that, as an “expert in humanity”, the church “must go out into the arena and fight in the arena with those who seek to besmirch human dignity.”

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