Local September 1, 2021 | 3:34 pm

More people will have access to housing in Ciudad Juan Bosch

Housing in Ciudad Juan Bosch is inexpensive.

Santo Domingo, DR

An addendum to the trust agreement between the Dominican State and Fiduciaria Reservas to construct low-cost housing in the Ciudad Juan Bosch Santiago project was approved yesterday in the Chamber of Deputies.

The approving resolution seeks to contribute to the housing deficit that the country suffers and will guarantee that people with insufficient resources can opt for decent housing.

The institutions involved will assist in the urbanization of new land, including the construction of service infrastructure, notification, development of green, sports, cultural, institutional, commercial, and residential areas.

The initiative of the supplement to the original contract signed with the fiduciary on October 3, 2014, constitutes a contribution to the inheritance of 31 portions of land owned by the State, located in the municipality of Santiago, which aims to develop the Ciudad Juan Bosch Santiago project.

This measure is intended to create the conditions so that a more significant number of people in Santiago “have the possibility of accessing or enjoying the right of ownership to decent housing and to reduce the large housing deficit that affects Santiago and the whole country.”

The Senate had already approved the resolution of the Republic, so it will now be available to the Executive Branch.

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Luis Is Worst President.
September 3, 2021 12:46 am

This is disgusting how they are changing our country. We don’t need another country that looks like America. Leave our country alone.