Local September 4, 2021 | 7:21 am

Showers; Weekend wet from moderate downpours

Today the effects of a trough and a tropical wave will increase the humidity and instability that will generate moderate to intense downpours, thunderstorms, and occasional gusts of wind over the north, northeast, Caribbean coastal coast, Central mountain range, and the border.

Temperatures remain unchanged. This day will also be very hot, and that is why the suggestion of the National Meteorological Office to drink plenty of water, wear light clothes and avoid the sun from 11: 00 in the morning to 5: 00 in the afternoon remains valid.

Hurricane Larry, now a Category 2, is 1,900 kilometers from the island of Cape Verde. Onamet said it monitors its evolution and development, as it also does an area of downpours and thunderstorms in Yucatan, Mexico.

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