Local September 6, 2021 | 3:44 pm

26.9% of patients treated at El Seibo hospital are of Haitian origin

Teófilo Hernández Hospital, El Seibo. (FILE)

Increased 1.1 this year over last 2020

One in four patients who go to the Doctor Teófilo Hernández hospital in El Seibo is of Haitian nationality.

During the period January-July of this year, 46,168 patients were treated in that hospital center, of which 12,446 are from the neighboring country, for 26.9%, according to data from the Department of Statistics of that entity.

In the first seven months of 2020, consultations at the Teófilo Hernández were 37,671, of which 9,754 Haitians were attended, equivalent to 25.8%. Most of these patients usually go to general medicine, obstetrics, and gynecology consultations.

This year, the consultations of Haitian nationals of all ages attended in this health center were more notorious than in 2020, with 1.1% of patients attending.

In this regard, the director of the Teófilo Hernández hospital, Margarita Chovet, said that most Haitian patients who come to this care center do not have identity documents.

“During the day-to-day, we see more Haitian nationals in the hospital; this is a full house,” the official said.

He said that although this center is in the process of repair, they try to give the corresponding service to each user who requires attention without any distinction, provided that the patient needs the specialties in service of the center.

He stressed that patients of Haitian nationality flock to the services of gynecology and catering, surgery, pediatrics, cardiology, in addition to emergency services.

He explained that this situation is worrying. Therefore, they should activate the services of all the Primary Care Unit (UNAP) so that these entities refer Haitian patients since they go to the hospital without any reference and documentation.

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Carlos Hernandez
September 6, 2021 6:17 pm

Still they hate Dominicans.

Dave Lopes
September 6, 2021 9:42 pm

And they always will. You are just right next door so that’s why they use your facilities. Sealing the border is the only solution.

Alberto Castillo
September 7, 2021 10:19 am
Reply to  Dave Lopes

Damn of course they all will hate Dominicans , if we closed the border they are going to complain that we are racist and bigots , but when Dominicans open the borders, they are in a rush to come to our side not the other way around in masses too. I smell HBO on this guy .

Last edited 2 years ago by Alberto Castillo