Local September 8, 2021 | 8:55 am

Dominican Gov. seeks to communicate

Santo Domingo.- In an attempt to achieve a frank and open dialogue with the national population, President Luis Abinader moved files, eliminated departments and created the Government Strategy and Communication Directorate, a structure that will be in charge of coordinating and executing policies communication of the Executive Power.

To achieve the goal, the General Directorates of Communication (Dicom), Information, Analysis and Strategic Programming (Diape) and Information and Press of the Presidency were eliminated, giving rise to a Government Communication System that will be in charge of coordinating the communication policies of the different entities and organs of the Executive.

Subordinated to the Administrative Ministry of the Presidency, the new unit will have the function of planning, organizing, executing and evaluating government strategy and communication; explain the measures, actions, projects and programs, as well as facilitate the communication of accountability.

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