Local September 9, 2021 | 2:43 pm

Dominican Republic proposes regional Sargasso fund

Sargassum. Strategies to deal with it

Santo Domingo, (EFE). – Yesterday, the Dominican Republic’s Minister of Tourism, David Collado, announced a proposal to the region’s countries to create a common fund to combat sargasso, which mainly affects Caribbean beaches.

He said he proposed creating the sargassum fund to representatives of the region’s countries during a series of meetings he held in New York last week.

“We raised a call to the countries of the region to create a common fund because if not, each country is going to be dealing with this problem on the coasts of their beaches, but there is not going to be a solution that will truly eradicate it,” the minister said at a press conference. He assured that the Dominican Republic “is in a position to lead” this initiative “together with Brazil,” a country from whose coasts “comes the largest amount of sargassum” that ends up in the Caribbean.

This summer, there has been a sharp increase of sargassum on Dominican beaches, especially on the east coast, where Punta Cana is located, but it has also spread to other areas.

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Paul Tierney
September 10, 2021 1:35 pm

How will this fund obtain its financial backing. Can we expect it will be from tourism?