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Every year 50,000 die of preventable pathologies

Internist urges vaccination


Vaccines save an estimated 2-3 million lives annually, so people should keep up with necessary boosters, etc…

In recent years, adults have seen an increase in the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases, making vaccination just as crucial as in children. Unfortunately, awareness of these processes in adulthood has lagged compared to immunization in childhood, and it is estimated that approximately 50 thousand adults die annually from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Dr. Ramona Lappot Guzmán, an internist at the Centers for Advanced Diagnosis and Medicine and Medical Conferences and Telemedicine (Cedimat), provided the information. Lappot indicated that just like eating healthy, exercising, and visiting the doctor regularly, vaccination plays a vital role in maintaining health.

“This plays an important role because as we get older the immunity of some of the vaccines we received as children decreases, which puts us at risk of acquiring infectious diseases, so it is important to receive booster doses,” she emphasized.

The internist indicates that changes in the microflora and the use of several medications increase the risk of suffering severe complications and even death from vaccine-preventable diseases.

The task is to get vaccinated.
DR has vaccines available

Vaccines for adults
Immunization and boosters in adulthood play a significant role in improving the health of the elderly since it prevents infectious diseases, increases the possibility of preserving adequate physical health–even in the last decades of life, and helps avoid serious complications.

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alfredo hidalgo
September 12, 2021 7:12 am

Keep your immune system healthy and you don’t need vaccines…exercise, eating healthy foods, taking multivitamins and a nice dose of our star the sun for production of vitamin D in our bodies…