Health September 13, 2021 | 3:05 pm

Most of those killed by Covid-19 are men

Yesterday there were 232 new positive cases of the virus.

Santo Domingo, DR

Men have been the most impacted in terms of Covid-19 mortality in the country, accounting for about 64% of the mortality, and most of the deaths have occurred inside clinics and hospitals, according to the records of the Civil Status offices of the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

A number of the Covid-19 patients registered by the agency since March 15, 2020, up to the first nine days of this month, also died in their homes and others on the roads.

Of the 8,656 deaths due to Covid-19: as registered by the Civil Registry Offices, 5,498 belong to the male sex and 3,158 to the female sex.

The JCE’s details are offered as a result of the controversy that arose with the Ministry of Public Health, whose Covid-19 mortality figures do not coincide with those offered by the General Directorate of Epidemiology, which as of yesterday reports only 4,014 deaths from the disease nationwide.

“As of September 9, 2021, the figure amounts to 8,656. Of these, 5,498 belong to the male sex and 3,158 female; 8,243 died in a clinic or hospital; 359 at home or residence; 28 on the road or on the road; 14 transcripts of deaths abroad and 12 in another place not specified in the document provided,” explains the document issued in this regard by the JCE.

It further explains that these results cover the entire national territory, even when the registry appears only in 101 municipalities, due to the jurisdictional limits established by the Law, related to the fact that the death is registered in the place where it occurs. In addition, this is because, at the beginning of the pandemic, there were specific clinics and hospitals to treat patients with Covid-19.

Bulletin number 542 issued yesterday reports that 5,183 laboratory samples were processed and that the daily positivity is at 5.72%, and the accumulated positivity is at 6.73%.

Of the new positive cases, 58 were detected in Santiago, 39 in Monte Cristi, 23 in Valverde, 21 in Santo Domingo province, and 10 in the National District.

To date, the country has 5,058 active cases and 353,303 registered since the beginning of the pandemic, and 344,231 recovered patients.

According to Ministry of Public Health records, as of today, 4,018 people have died from Covid-19 throughout the country for a lethality rate of 1.14 percent and a mortality per million inhabitants of 384.17.

Of those who died, 25.26 percent had hypertension as their underlying disease, and diabetes was present in 15.77 percent.

The virus was detected in 1,228 pregnant women, 1,409 health workers, and 38,050 children under 20 years of age.

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