Local September 15, 2021 | 10:21 am

Operation Falcon: One Dominican extradited to Puerto Rico

Santo Domingo.- The Executive Power issued Decree 561-21  Wednesday morning approving the surrender in extradition of Juan José de la Cruz Morales (a) Wandy who is wanted by the district of Puerto Rico on six charges of drug trafficking to the United States and one count of money laundering.

The decree signed by President Luis Abinader indicates that the Dominican defendant Juan José de la Cruz opted for the simplified extradition procedure by voluntarily consenting before the magistrates of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice to be handed over to the USA.

Surrender in extradition is provided under the condition that under no circumstances will the Dominican national be judged for offenses other than those that motivate his extradition, nor will he be subject to a penalty greater than the maximum established in the Dominican Republic, which is 30 years. imprisonment or the death penalty, in the case of proven guilt.

De la Cruz’s arrest is part of the Justice Ministry’s Operation Falcon.

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