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Abinader vows not to give up on corruption

President Luis Abinader yesterday led the ceremony where he presented awards to 50 personalities of the Dominican diaspora in New York.

Santo Domingo, DR

President Luis Abinader carried out several activities during the recently concluded weekend in New York as part of his intense schedule. However, on Saturday night, after the end of one of those events, he made the main statements of his trip so far.

Abinader warned officials that they must act with transparency and honesty in using state resources since there is a “Public Ministry that observes them and a comptroller’s office that audits them,” while stressing his commitment to the fight against illicit activities.

“Public officials know that they have to go to the government to act with transparency and honesty, because there is a Public Ministry that observes them; a Comptroller’s Office that audits them. The government’s money must be used honestly and transparently,” the head of state exclaimed forcefully.

The president said that he would not renounce the commitment made to the Dominican people at all costs.

“And I’m never going to resign, no matter what it costs, I’m not going to give up that promise, that commitment I have to the Dominican people… But Neither am I going to give up fighting against drug trafficking and criminality that for many years walked with impunity through the streets of our country,” Abinader said, just when several operations are being carried out in the country against money laundering and drug trafficking, such as Operation Falcon.

Recognition of diaspora

In addition, yesterday, President Abinader led an event with Dominicans elected in different positions in the United States, to which the senator for the state of New York, Chuck Schumer, was invited. They congratulated the Dominican head of state for the government management that he has been carrying out in the country. While the representative of New York before the Congress of Washington, the Dominican Adriano Espaillat, along with other leaders, gave the president a document with a series of proposals with the priorities and primary needs of the Dominican diaspora.

Also, leading a meeting with the children of Dominicans born in New York, President Abinader said: “The only thing we are going to do with you and what this government is going to do is justice, with people who have been so good. Without your help it would have been very different.”

The head of state thanked the entire diaspora for their contribution in sending remittances so that the Dominican Republic could pass the pandemic on better terms than other countries.

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