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President says Haiti crisis creates danger for Dominican Republic

President Luis Abinader spoke at Columbia University's World Leaders Forum, at the Council of the Americas.

The president calls on the international community, particularly the U.S. government, to generate a dialogue.

New York

President Luis Abinader warned yesterday that the severe political, economic and institutional crisis that is shaking Haiti generates a danger for the region and, in particular, for the Dominican Republic.

Abinader called on the international community, particularly the U.S. government, to generate a broad, inclusive, sustained, and good faith political dialogue in the neighboring country.

He maintained that this action would allow the different actors in Haiti to achieve a governance pact that restores democratic legitimacy and institutionality, which leads to truly free, fair, and competitive elections.

The president observed, speaking at the World Leaders Forum of Columbia University in the Council of the Americas, that the levels of violence prevailing in Haiti are of such magnitude that they go beyond the framework of all authority, so the international community’s action is required.

Economic transition
In addition, he advocated a global economic transition that allows the reactivation of all productive forces and generates the construction of a better world.

He said that the world must move towards an economic, political, and social transition that allows us to face and overcome the significant challenges of the twenty-first century, climate change, inequality, social exclusion, the return of authoritarianism, and the type of indebtedness that could lead us to another lost decade.

Abinader considered it a serious mistake to return to the pre-pandemic world since Covid-19 changed everything abruptly and unexpectedly, so we have the responsibility to rebuild a better world.


Abinader refers to the efforts made towards a just and sustainable economic recovery in the Dominican Republic.

He said that the growth projections for this year are 10% and a rate of 5% for the coming years.

Vaccination challenges
He cited the challenges in concluding vaccination against Covid-19 and the difficulties faced in acquiring vaccines.

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