Local September 22, 2021 | 2:00 pm

Ministry of Labor recalls that this Friday, Day of Our Lady of Mercy is a holiday

The Ministry of Labor reminds all the business and working community of the country that Friday, September 24, the date on which the religious holiday dedicated to the Virgin of Our Lady of Mercy is celebrated, is a non-working day in the daily calendar.

Following the provisions of Law 139-97, which establishes the application of holidays, the entity informs that the working class must return to their daily work on Monday, September 27.

The Virgin Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes/Virgin of Our Lady of Mercy is the spiritual patroness of the Dominican people.

The celebration of these dates, following Dominican legislation, must be applied in all establishments in the country.

In those establishments, which by their nature must remain open to the public, workers must receive additional remuneration following the provisions of the Labor Code.

“When by agreement between the parties, the worker renders services on a day legally declared non-working day, he will receive as remuneration the salary to which he is entitled, increased by one hundred percent,” establishes Article 205 of the Labor Code of the Dominican Republic, Law 16-92.

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