Health September 23, 2021 | 4:47 pm

School sends 4 children home for having fever

Children have presented symptoms of Covid in schools.

Santo Domingo, DR

Last Monday, when after a year, the elementary students of the Santa Teresa de Jesus school and from all over the country returned to face-to-face teaching, two children of second and third grade were sent home for having fevers; yesterday, Wednesday, two others presented the same symptoms.

Maria Tavares, director of the educational center located in the university zone, which also houses the Altagracia Amelia Ricart Calventi Experimental High School, known as the UASD experimental school, explained that the students arrived at the first day of classes with a high temperature.

“They already had a fever from home,” said Tavares, while detailing that as soon as they were identified, they received attention from the school’s doctor, who underwrote the PCR tests to detect Covid-19.

Yesterday, the list of children who have been sent home increased to four when a first and second-grade student presented fever, both with symptoms brought from home, according to Tavares.

The school director specified that she still does not have the results of any of the children enrolled, but they are waiting for the tests to rule out the possibility of coronavirus.

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