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Dominican Republic slowly approaching the goal of vaccinating 70% of population with two doses

As of September 22, 4,849,827 people have received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. (PHOTO: DIARIO LIBRE/ DANIA ACEVEDO)

  • From August 19 to September 21, inoculation in this category went from 54.6% to 57.2%

As of September 21, 57.2% of the Dominican Republic’s target population has both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, while 68.6% have received the first. As of August 19, these figures stood at 54.6% and 67.1%, respectively.

In this period, vaccination in the second dose increased by 2.6 percentage points and the first by 1.5, so the inoculation process slowly advanced towards the desired 70%. As a result, it will be possible to eliminate the curfew and achieve herd immunity.

In this last month, the province that advanced the most was Espaillat, which went from 63.2% of vaccinated with second doses to 71.9%, thus eliminating the curfew. At the other extreme is San Cristóbal which from 44.7% increased to 47.8% in the double dose.

Although the authorities have explained that many of the people living in San Cristóbal have been vaccinated in Santo Domingo, according to the statistics of VacúnateRD, from August 19 to 30, vaccination in this demarcation went from 44.7% to 46%.

In Moseñor Nouel, by August 19, 44.9% of its target population had received the second dose of the vaccine, while by September 21, the figure rose to 48.4%.

While Elías Piña went from 46.2% to 49.1% in the period mentioned above, and La Vega from 47.1% to 49.8%. In the province of Santo Domingo, the fifth demarcation is lagging. In almost a month, the inoculation process went from 47.5% to 49.8%.

The Duarte province registered two samples with the Delta variant, which went from 47.9% having had the second dose to 49.8%.

Only these six provinces are below 50% vaccinated with two doses; the others, despite the slowness in the inoculation process, if the current pace continues, will reach the goal first, then the provinces mentioned above.

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