Health September 26, 2021 | 12:01 pm

Despite inoculations, the virus strikes back

Santo Domingo, DR

In the vaccination center of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center, the vaccines had run out around noon this Saturday, so that only 250 people were inoculated with the third dose booster against Covid-19.

Observing the panorama during a visit in the Karate pavilion, a Listín Diario team verified that the personnel in charge of supplying the vaccines were gathering their belongings to leave since their day had ended because the supplies had run out, although people who could not receive the vaccines. After all, they had run out were still arriving.

“We are already closed,” said the person in charge.

Although the group of young people with a positive attitude was visible, the panorama was different after midday at the Cruz Jiminián Clinic, which registered more than fifteen cases of Covid. Some of those affected were people who had been inoculated.

“I was vaccinated with not one, but both inoculations and look at me here sick with Covid anyway!” emphasized one of the young women in the medical room.

Likewise, Katy, another of the waiting patients, pointed out that it is pointless to go to the vaccination centers when, after listening to the patient’s complaints about their experiences with the vaccines and that they got the virus anyway.

“I won’t even get the worthless vaccine,” she said.

At this, different relatives of affected patients emphasized that vaccines can prevent complications in patients more than preventing infection by the virus.

For its part, the Ministry of Public Health announced on Saturday that 462 patients were hospitalized, 174 in Intensive Care Units (ICU), and 97 affected patients have been registered to be on ventilators.

Of the risk groups, 1409 health workers, 1,229 pregnant women, and 39,050 children under 20 years of age have been diagnosed with the SARS C0V 2 virus, according to the bulletin.

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John D.
September 26, 2021 2:38 pm

Of course you will be hospitalized after even the 4th shot because the vaccine is the bioweapon.
This winter the real pandemic will kick off, but still it will be blamed on a new variant.