Local October 8, 2021 | 3:47 pm

Abinader admits there is a “generalized neglect” to the National Police

Photo José Alberto Maldonado

Next week they will begin with the implementation of some recommendations for police reform.


Santo Domingo, DR.

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, admitted that a “generalized neglect” has led to the situation it faces in the institution today and the need to reform it.

Speaking at the “International Seminar on the Exchange of Experiences in the Field of Police Reform,” Abinader said that it is the whole society’s responsibility to contribute to the reform. Next week, they will begin with implementing some recommendations.

The president said that in addition to the commission’s report in charge of police reform, they have also received expert advice from different countries.

“Starting next week we will take into account recommendations that are being made to us and make the changes gradually. Every week we work with advisors and specialized groups that help us, from Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and the UN José Vilas de Castillo, who made a report for the National Police,” said Abinader.

He said that they would support reform without haste, but without pause, of the National Police, also dignifying the work of its members.

On this, he said that he had a part of next year’s budget for acquiring more necessary technological equipment, vehicles, and tools that facilitate the policeman’s work.

In addition, he said that next year he would make an increase similar to that made in this period.

“We have the same salary improvement for next year, hundreds of vehicle tenders and we should have twice as many members as we currently have. The salary levels were so low that when you asked for recruitment of at least 2000, 1500 appeared and everyone was hired without any kind of evaluation,” Abinader said.

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