Health October 11, 2021 | 4:18 pm

Increase in people to vaccination centers after government warning

A considerable increase in the number of people going to the vaccination centers is registered this Monday in the different immunization posts in Santo Domingo after the Dominican Government warned that they would restrict the entrance to public places to those who do not show the coronavirus vaccination card.

In places such as the Olympic Center, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), the National Council for the Aged (CONAPE), Club San Carlos, and others, the increase has been of more than 50 percent.

According to information obtained, to date, 60% of the adult population is fully vaccinated.

The Dominican Republic bans unvaccinated people from entering public places.

Dominican health authorities ordered that from 18 October, those over 12 years of age who have not received two doses of vaccines against covid-19 will not be allowed to enter workplaces in enclosed spaces or study centers, nor will they be allowed to use public transport.

Those who do not present their vaccination card indicating the completion of two doses will also be prevented from entering restaurants, wineries, discotheques, clubs, shopping malls, stores, casinos, sports centers, and any other place of entertainment.

Those over 12 years of age who have not received two doses will be allowed to enter these places as long as they present a negative PCR test for covid-19 with at least 14 days of validity.

The Ministry of Public Health also reiterated that the use of masks is mandatory in public places and hand washing and physical distancing.

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October 11, 2021 8:28 pm

If I need to I will take the PCR test…other than that I will be doing my supermarket shopping on line… for banking I will use the drive through window…no one should be coerced into getting vaccinated…

Last edited 2 years ago by alfredo
John D. Conor
October 12, 2021 12:30 pm

The economy will suffer so bad…
Always remember the public health is doing this with the help of the medias they’ve been sold out to the globalists to push the New World Order agenda 21 so stand firm resist and pray because it’s a war against evil…