Local October 11, 2021 | 3:47 pm

Mother requests help for son in need of bone marrow transplant

11-year-old Enger Aquino needs all the help he can get to save his life.

Enger Aquino is an 11-year-old boy, resident of the community Arroyo Salado in the municipality of Las Yayas, Azua province, which is just beginning his journey through life and is already going through a health crisis and needs all of us. The child has many dreams to fulfill with his loved ones, which is why we must join the cause.

The boy is admitted to the Robert Reid Cabral Pediatric Hospital because he is affected by a bone marrow condition and needs a transplant urgently to save his life, but his family does not have the financial resources to do it.

The situation has motivated family, friends, and relatives to develop a help campaign through social networks. They seek to reach the ears of the state authorities so that they can contribute and help the child return to health.

Bellanira Aquino Abreu is a single mother who needs everyone’s support since the operation for the child will cost four million Dominican pesos (US $70,200).

The child’s life depends on this operation, “Until the surgery is performed, we will not have peace of mind,” stated his relatives, who explained that the young boy receives weekly platelets to maintain him, but the family does not have the resources to cover the expenses.

Any help you can give is significant. You can do it through the following contacts: (849) 865-5936, (809) 991-9528 (829) 654-4977.

Let’s help save Enger’s life!

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