Health October 13, 2021 | 3:02 pm

There are options if you have lost your covid vaccination card…

Santo Domingo, DR

The time is approaching when people over the age of 12 will have to present their vaccination cards to enter public places, schools and use public transportation, but what about those who have lost the card or have had it damaged.

Easy, says Dr. Lisbert Perez Ortiz, supervisor of this center that operates in the Combat Pavilion of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center.

He argues that the data of all the inoculated people are registered in a database, and just by scanning the ID card, the information is obtained, and a new card is issued.

“We have two search options, which are: through scanners, which is easy and fast. We have these scanners to digitize everyone. We also have the manual way that we register these people, they are uploaded to a program where they appear with the date, batch of vaccines, just as if they were scanning the document… but the card can be recovered.”

For those who claim loss of card yet have not been vaccinated…

Dr. Perez Ortiz warned users that they should take care of them and value them because the cards are not for children to play with them or throw them away.

And for those who claim loss of card yet have not been vaccinated and come with the argument that they lost the card, they will be making a trip in vain.

“They will not show up anywhere in the system so they won’t be eligible for a duplicate,” he said.

Ortiz said that there are people who go with a sibling or any other companion, to say that they were vaccinated and lost the card, that they need a duplicate, and “we ask for the identification card and when they type it in, if it does not appear it is because they have not been inoculated.”

Dr. Perez Ortiz was interviewed this Wednesday when dozens of young people were going to be inoculated with the first dose to have the card, which will be necessary to present to go to different places, among them jobs and schools.

To date, 6,177,844 have received the first dose and 5,006,400 the second dose. While 1,045,536 have the booster dose.

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