Health October 15, 2021 | 4:33 pm

Ministry of Labor will mediate conflicts due to requirement of vaccination card in work centers

Luis Miguel De Camps, Minister of Labor. (DIARIO LIBRE / DANIA ACEVEDO)

Union leader affirms companies have the right to demand personnel be vaccinated


The Ministry of Labor will mediate possible conflicts that may arise in the labor sphere due to the requirement of the COVID-19 vaccination card for workers in the companies where they work.

Minister Luis Miguel De Camps said that this institution has the mission of “building consensus facilitation,” between employers and workers in any situation of disagreement that may arise.

“The Labor Code, the Constitution and Decree 522-06 on Occupational Safety and Health establishes the obligation of employers to activate and of workers to participate in occupational health and safety committees. Fortunately, thanks to these committees, these difficulties that some have pointed out are going to be solved because together, workers, government, employers are going to get out of this impasse,” expressed the minister.

He pointed out that the government is committed to seeking the health of the workers and the economy. Therefore, the Ministry of Public Health has the competence to issue a resolution, through which the presentation of the vaccination card will be required.

Companies can demand it.
“Companies are in their right and duty to demand the COVID-19 vaccination card from their employees, even if the inoculation is not mandatory.” This was stated by the president of Confederación Autónoma Central Clasista, Gabriel del Río Doné, and said that those who do not get vaccinated should understand that it is a matter of collective health. Therefore, they should then stay at home. “You are in a society in which you want to coexist with others, then put yourself in conditions that do not affect others and then I believe that yes, that the government should demand that everyone gets their vaccination, whether it is mandatory or not that is a problem of conscience.”

DeCamps and Del Río made their statements after participating in the mass for the 41st anniversary of the National Institute of Technical Professional Formation (Infotep).

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Anna Hejret
October 16, 2021 3:46 pm

One rhetoric in every corner of globe means it is sent and paid for from the source that want to depopulate/kill people. Well when those drugs or injections don’t help and they don’t but hurt or kill does the employers take care of families and children left and what justification will be for a person who was knocked out from health or killed? He or she died because it was his or her duty because someone said so? No man or employer or state can order mandatory medical procedures, no even one. I wonder how much money those who promotes it got. I would not do such commercial propaganda for billions, no conscience person would, only scoundrels and evil people.

October 17, 2021 4:08 pm

So a PRM lacky gets to pass judgment on a communist PRM policy?

Good luck with getting a waiver granted, citizen.

Just learn to kneel in capitulation to your masters.