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Mountains, a less known tourist attraction in the Dominican Republic

View of the aquifer beauty Salto Alto Bayaguana.

Dominican Republic has a wealth of waterfalls; among the most mentioned are: Salto de Jimenoa, El Limón, de Jima, La Jalda, de Aguas Blancas

Every time we search for the attractions and natural resources that the country offers, both for its nationals and visitors, it is impossible to forget the expression that served as advertising for a long time: “Dominican Republic has it all.”

Yes, it is an island rich in natural resources. But, of course, the waterfalls are one of the protagonists, both for their importance in preserving the environment and the fun to watersports enthusiasts.
And in a country like ours, where it is summer practically all year round, hardly anyone resists the temptation to take a jump into these and enjoy a refreshing dip.

White Water Jump.

Jimenoa Falls
This beautiful aquatic attraction, approximately 35 meters high, is located in Jarabacoa, in the north of the country, where it is accessed via walking a 1.5 kilometers path.

Salto la Jalda
It is located in the Miches province. El Seibo is a park created by decree 571-09 to conserve the rainforest in the northern area of the Cordillera Oriental or Sierra de El Seibo.

High Jump
This is located a few kilometers from Bayaguana, in the province of Monte Plata.
It is one of the must-sees in this province, as it is one of the most spectacular attractions of the Dominican Republic, which is sand and beach and has various options for enjoyment and relaxation nestled in the mountains.

Jimenoa Falls

Jima Falls
It is in Bonao and is wonderful for its waterfalls that form natural pools.

The area is located on the outskirts of Bonao, in the vicinity of the famous Jima River, which is born in the Las Neblinas scientific reserve and flows into the Camú River.

This waterfall’s unique characteristics are formed by a set of twelve waterfalls and natural spas. It was declared a natural monument in August 2009 to preserve and recognize its great importance as an aquifer and the area’s biodiversity.

White Water Jump
This beauty is located in the Juan Bautista Pérez Rancier National Park, known as Valle Nuevo, 20 kilometers from Constanza, in the province of La Vega.
Constanza is about 150 kilometers from Santo Domingo, and from there, about an hour to reach the jump. It is formed by two waterfalls, considered the highest in the Caribbean with more than 83 meters of falls.

Salto el Berro
Located in Bonao, it is one of the routes that can be easily done due to the capital city’s proximity. Furthermore, this spectacular jump impresses with its flow of water.
If you are interested in knowing this or any of the waterfalls or areas mentioned in this article, we recommend you plan the route to the north, east, or south and enjoy these relaxing water resources that are prominent features of the Dominican Republic.

Salto La Jalda in Miches.


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Paul Tierney
October 22, 2021 12:12 pm

The mountains are a joy to visit, especially when escaping from the high summer temperatures of the lowlands

Tom Halsaver
October 22, 2021 2:30 pm
Reply to  Paul Tierney

I hiked Pico Duarte in 1996. We had a local guide and a couple of mules to carry our supplies. When you get away from the tourist areas on the coast, and see how the Dominicans live, it gives you a better appreciation of what we Americans have.

Jim W
October 29, 2021 8:42 am
Reply to  Tom Halsaver

I agree with Paul and Tom however I would add to Tom’s last sentence that when seeing how Dominicans live and especially the warmth and friendliness of the people in these areas, even to total strangers, it gives an appreciation to what we Americans have somewhat lost along the way. Hopefully we don’t forget that this is what really matters in the end.

October 31, 2021 7:42 pm
Reply to  Tom Halsaver

Very interested, you didn’t appreciate the mountains, the water falls, the beuty of the country, but you did pay attention to how the people leave, it’s sad have you visited the por white folks in the mountains of USA, the aborigine people of USA and the poor people in the hood all over the USA. I leave in USA for over 40 years and been in47 state.

October 25, 2021 7:48 am

Dominican republic has 11 million people and on red list but the covid infected India is on the amber or okay list. India has 1.5 billion people and 50% are not Vaccinated. Its also high in fraud crimes but than again the UK have a 1 billion dollar trade. When there’s money involved it takes precedent over the safety of UK citizens lives!

Last edited 2 years ago by Jay
Tausi Mutesi
October 28, 2021 4:33 pm

Very beautiful place l have been