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Playa Esmeralda, a hidden coastal paradise in the municipality of Miches

This paradise is located in a little-known corner of the municipality of Miches, El Seibo province , where one of its main attractions is the arrival of leatherback turtles.

Playa Esmeralda is one of the few virgin beaches away from the cities of the Dominican Republic and exuberant nature, with good tourist development.

This paradise is located in a little-known corner of the municipality of Miches, El Seibo province, where one of its main attractions is the arrival of leatherback turtles.

Esmeralda beach is an opportunity to develop tourism since it preserves beautiful natural resources through its turquoise green waters, surrounded by wonderful vegetation and coconut groves.

It is part of the coastal system between the mouth of the Jovero River and up to Caño Celedonio, with an extension of almost ten kilometers of beachfront.

The most important hotel and real estate development in Miches is planned for this area, with 3,500 rooms and 1,600 residential units.

Because the beach is not very well known, the accesses to reach it are currently in deplorable condition. Moreover, the roads are only small indirect paths to reach this attractive place.

Because of this, the Dominican Government, through the Ministry of Tourism, is working on the organization and development of the beach accesses, consisting of the primary access, from the highway, which two more accesses will complement: East access and West access, enough to link all the infrastructure projected in the area.

The executive director of the Association of Hotels and Tourism El Seibo-Miches (Promiches), Gustavo A. Román, explained that each of the sides, east, and west, contemplates the establishment of public beach accesses to guarantee the enjoyment of the space by locals and visitors, who do not wish to stay in the hotels.

He assured that each public access would have parking lots, restrooms, showers, and a handicraft market to integrate the community offer to tourism in an organized manner.

He stressed that this planning and management effort is essential for the development of an organized destination, to take into account the social and environmental risks of the tourist development of the Esmeralda beach.

Miches Mayor’s Office
The mayoress of the municipality of Miches, El Seibo province, said that the millionaire investment to be made by the Government in Esmeralda beach was the best thing that could have happened.

She assured that Esmeralda beach is one of the most beautiful attractions that the municipality of Miches has in the eastern region and part of the country.

“Despite being a place of great tourist potential, it has no parking and no access to reach the most amazing area which is the Esmeralda beach. It is a difficult access and this investment will boost the economy of the municipality and the province,” the mayoress said.

She explained that according to what was presented by the Ministry of Tourism, there would be a corridor where people would have proper access and park their vehicles in a safer place.

“I think it is excellent that they continue to invest in tourism in Miches,” she said.

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