Local October 29, 2021 | 9:53 am

Dominicans can again travel to UK starting Mon.

Santo Domingo.- As of next Monday, November 1, the Dominican Republic will not be on the red list of travel destinations due to the risk of contagion of Covid-19 for the British population, as reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex) and the Dominican embassy in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The measure, which will take effect from next Monday, would lead to an increase in the arrival of British tourists to the country.

The announcement was made by Dominican Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Elnio Durán, for the Dominican community residing in that country and for British citizens interested in visiting the Dominican Republic.

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Dr finest
October 29, 2021 10:00 am

Uhh… You mean they can Travel to Our country
we cant travel to theirs …

Alberto martinez
October 29, 2021 10:32 am

Not 1 Dominican cares about UK

October 30, 2021 6:32 pm

It his nice