Local October 30, 2021 | 11:46 am

How much will your home’s electric bill go up starting Monday?

The Superintendent of Electricity, Rafael Velazco, together with officials of the institution, during a press conference. (LIBRE DIARY / JUAN MIGUEL PEÑA)

The rate for households will increase on average between RD$47.71 and RD$53.89, depending on their consumption range.


This coming Monday, November 1, the Dominican State begins the gradual dismantling of the subsidy to the electricity tariff, which will be adjusted every three months upwards until 2026, causing a gradual increase in the cost of the bill up to the total price of the service.

But, how much will the user pay according to the new tariff readjustments and their energy consumption? Who will be the most affected with the beginning of the dismantling of the subsidy established in the framework of the Electricity Pact?

The following table explains the increase that will be made, according to the consumption range of each client, which goes from RD$25.27 to RD$79.38.

The gradual dismantling of the subsidy was initially scheduled to begin October 1 but was postponed to November of this year through resolution 87-2021 of the Superintendency of Electricity.

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