Health November 1, 2021 | 3:13 pm

Covid patients continue to fill medical centers

The demand for Covid beds skyrocketed in October.

Santo Domingo, DR

The month of November enters, the prelude to Christmas, and the occupation of beds with patients with coronavirus reaches up to 100% in some private centers and 62% in hospitals, which has not happened in the country since May and June.

The Ministry of Public Health registers 636 patients admitted with coronavirus for 28% of the beds in use; Intensive Care Units 255 for 44%, and connected to 151 ventilators, representing 32% of the available national health system.

According to the report of the public and private centers of Santo Domingo, the clinics have 35% of their regular beds occupied and the hospitals 17%. Of the ICUs, hospitals have 59% in use and clinics 5%, while public centers have 45 ventilators and private 14.

The Marcelino Vélez Santana hospital, until yesterday Sunday, had 62 patients admitted for 62% of the occupied beds; In Intensive Care Units, there are 12 patients with ventilators, so they only have six ventilators and six ICU beds.

The Francisco Moscoso Puello hospital has 11 patients admitted to Covid beds, for 48%, and it has 12 available; there are six ICU beds occupied for 60%, and 71% of the ventilators are in use.

In the Félix María Goico, with seven beds, there are two patients admitted, and in Intensive Care Units, 5, for 71%, they have six ventilators. On the other hand, Cecanot has 83% of ICU beds occupied, only six are without patients, and the same number of ventilators.

Private centers in the Cedimat National District
have 79% of the covid beds occupied, since of 14 only three are available, the Intensive Care Units for covid occupied 100%, and they have 12 fans.

In Hospiten, the Covid area is 100% occupied; they have two ICU beds and two ventilators available.

The Plaza de la Salud has 95% of the Intensive Care Units beds occupied with 19 patients: the regular beds are not in use, and the ventilators have eight available.

The general situation is that 38% of the beds are occupied in 13 hospitals and 50% in the seven private clinics treating coronavirus patients.

The Corominas Clinic has 97% of the covid beds occupied; it only has one regular bed available; four ICUs and five ventilators. On the other hand, the Medical Union has 91% of the beds in use and 88% of the intensive care beds, while it has four ventilators.

The HOMS has the highest availability of beds, since of the 87 for Covid patients that have enabled, only 15% are in use; Likewise, it has 11 ICU beds available and 12 ventilators.

La Romana and Puerto Plata
La Romana is among the highest number of infections, with 46% of beds occupied in hospitals and 43% of clinics. In addition, the district has 11 ICU beds and seven ventilators.

In Puerto Plata, public hospitals have 34% of the beds occupied and clinics 68%; there are 10 ICU beds available between hospitals and clinics, and the latter has four ventilators.


Most active sources
The provinces with the highest number of people infected with the new coronavirus that causes Covid-19 to continue are Santo Domingo, Santiago, the National District, La Romana, and San Pedro de Macorís, among others.

Last week the closure of classrooms was reported in La Ciénaga, San José de Ocoa, due to a high number of infected students and a large number of patients in that Municipal District, so the students were sent home to receive the virtual teaching as was done throughout the country during the time that class was taught last school year.

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November 1, 2021 5:54 pm

Stat missing: how many are vaxxxinated?

November 3, 2021 3:03 pm
Reply to  Cobraboy

They only count deaths if they are unvaccinated. Anything else is natural causes or coincidental