Local November 3, 2021 | 4:02 pm

National Police: There was a clash between gangs, shooting in Ozama expansion

Headquarters of the National Police.

The National Police confirmed that the shooting in the Ozama expansion early Sunday morning was not a confrontation between gangs.

According to what was reported by the uniformed spokesperson, Diego Pesqueira, the people were at a recreation center in the National District and ended up in a residential area in the eastern part of Santo Domingo, where the confrontation originated.

“Due to a situation that originated when an ex-partner of a lady had thrown a glass of beer on her when they shared, she was with another person sharing in a fun center and later these people met outside in a center of fun near Venezuela avenue,” explained Pesqueira.

At the scene, two vehicles were found, especially a white truck with presumably blood traces and several casings from a firearm.

The entity claims that no 911 calls related to the incident have been reported during the time interval in which the incident occurred.

The uniformed officer established that, so far, no victim has been found that could be related to the incident.

As reported by the law enforcement institution, currently the police officers have the identification plate of the vehicles but will not offer such information until the investigation is completed.

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Fernando Arturo Guzman Richardson
November 6, 2021 6:20 am

The country is fcaing a crisis and these ideas are just playing bad boys