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There are 900 hospitalized for Covid

The vaccine is considered the highest resource for the prevention of Covid-19.

Eight provinces and the National District are the ones that accumulate the highest mortality in the country.


Santo Domingo, DR

Although the 32 provinces of the country register deaths from Covid-19 in the year and eight months that the Dominican Republic has lived under the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, eight provinces, and the National District are the ones that accumulate the highest mortality.

Of the 4,138 deaths reported by the Ministry of Public Health accumulated to date, 3,317 are registered in Santo Domingo, with 833 cumulative deaths; the National District with 653; Santiago with 639; Duarte with 236; San Cristobal with 227; La Vega with 222; La Romana with 208; Puerto Plata with 165 and Espaillat with 134.

While the border Pedernales and Elías Piña are the ones that have reported the least deaths from Covid-19, with four and six deaths, respectively.

The Dominican Republic is among the countries with the lowest lethality due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, established at 1.08% and a mortality per million inhabitants of 396.04%. However, globally, Covid-19 has caused the death of more than five million people.

Five deaths
Yesterday the country reported five new deaths and 841 new positive cases of the virus, detected in a total of 9,337 samples processed in the last 24 hours.

Of every 100 samples that were processed, about 14 tested positive for the virus, with the daily positivity at 13.94% and that of the last four weeks at 11.93%, a little higher than the previous day, which was at 11.57%. The most significant number of positive cases were detected yesterday in the National District with 162 and in the provinces of Santo Domingo with 155, in Santiago with 98, Valverde with 64, and Puerto Plata with 77.

There are currently 5,497 active cases of the virus, out of 383,317 accumulated by the system and 373,682 patients recovered from the disease.

ICU beds at 44%
Hospitalizations for the disease continue to increase in the country, yesterday capturing more than 900 patients admitted between regular and intensive care beds.

The epidemiological report 593 that yesterday there were 654 patients hospitalized in regular beds for an occupation of 29% of the total of 2,266 enabled, which indicates that 71% of the beds are still available.

In Intensive Care Units (ICU), 261 patients are reported admitted for an occupation of 44% of the 587 beds enabled for patients with Covid-19, and in ventilation 165 patients for an occupation of 33% of the 500 equipment enabled.

Pregnant women
Infections among pregnant women continue to increase, entering the system yesterday among 24 new disease cases.

The total number of pregnant women infected with the virus went from 1,424 reported the previous day to 1,448 yesterday. Specialists recommend vaccination from the second trimester of pregnancy to avoid contagion of the virus or present complicated conditions in case of infection.

Yesterday, representatives of national institutions, international organizations, and specialists joined in a joint statement to call on pregnant women and those who plan to get vaccinated with the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, starting at four months of gestation to avoid complications.

The request was made jointly by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), the National Health Service (SNS), the Dominican Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SDOG), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

They pointed out that most pregnant women complicated by Covid-19 are not vaccinated, so they warned of the urgent need to get the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine through a press release released yesterday.

The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, instructed all health personnel assigned to vaccination posts to prioritize pregnant women and breastfeeding. No pregnant woman with more than four months of pregnancy leaves without receiving the vaccine.

In this regard, the director of the SNS, Mario Lama, said that maternal deaths occurred in patients diagnosed with the coronavirus, represented in the Public Network, between one in 4 (25%), this year and indicated that the condition of pregnant women raises the possibility of death, as revealed by international studies.

“It is crucial that pregnant women come to be vaccinated from four months (16 weeks) and / or during the lactation period,” he said.

Vaccinating pregnant women

The Ministry of Public Health called on the entire population to complete their vaccination schedule, mainly pregnant women from the second trimester, to protect themselves and their babies.

Health personnel
There are 1,505 cases of infections among health workers, and among those under 20, 38,050 cases.

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