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Cascada Blanca: a spectacle of natural beauty in El Seibo

Cascada Blanca is a natural invitation for domestic tourism. (ANDREINA CHALAS JIMÉNEZ)

La Cascada Blanca is a spectacular waterfall that measures 75 meters of free fall, with an impressive natural pool below, with fresh and crystalline water, offered by the community of Pedro Sánchez, in the province of El Seibo.

This natural beauty, which is formed by five waterfalls, is ideal for lovers of ecotourism and adventure, immersed among the forests of the Herradura hill, which with its fall is the source of the Seibo River.

The visitors to this waterfall come from local towns, the different regions of the country (Higuey, Santo Domingo, and Santiago), and even foreign tourists (Americans, Canadians, Russians, etc).

This spring is the source of water to supply several communities of Pedro Sanchez and the areas that compose them.

It is said that during the journey the visitor can enjoy different fruits that grow in the area.

In addition, there is a gigantic split stone that could be used as a camping area, which makes it a very popular excursion for nature and ecology lovers.

Wonderful natural spectacle
The Cascada Blanca is a wonderful natural spectacle offered by the Seibo River and the community of Pedro Sánchez, for the full enjoyment of nature lovers, as stated by hiker Francis Silvestre Mercedes.

La Loma la Herradura, as this part of the Eastern Cordillera, is known, is an area with a great diversity of trees, plants, and birds that adorn the route, which gives way to the emergence of a large number of springs and waterfalls that supply the impressive Seibo River.

This natural condition is what makes the waterfalls of the Seibo River, one of the highest and most impressive in the region, compared to the waterfalls of the Cibao.

“During the access route to this waterfall we find centenary trees, medicinal plants, bohucos used by the locals to make traditional drinks and countless pools that you can enjoy until you reach the greatest spectacle,” Mercedes explained.

How should people prepare to visit the waterfall?
He says that to visit the place, you should wear comfortable sports clothes, preferably tennis shoes, carry insect repellent and contact the local service company to have a memorable trip, since many people who do not know the area have been lost.

In addition, it is not recommended for infants, or for people with reduced mobility, or those who are not in good physical shape.

“Nature enthusiasts love this excursion because of the direct interaction they have with plants, animals and the Seibo River itself. They always expect to walk a long way to get there, but they find it’s only a 35-minute walk at a moderate level,” he said.

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