Health November 7, 2021 | 7:12 am

Minister of Health recognizes asking for a vaccination card is unpopular

Santo Domingo, DR

The Minister of Public Health acknowledged yesterday that some places have been “lowering their guard” in compliance with the resolution requiring the vaccination card against Covid-19 to enter collective establishments, as listín Diario points out in a report published today.

Dr. Daniel Rivera said that early in the morning he made a tour of some places to see how it works and that he sent the newspaper’s review to the leading businessmen of the country, to whom he requested more help to achieve compliance with the measure that seeks to get the population vaccinated to curb the impact of the Covid-19 virus.

The Minister of Health recalled that so far an opportunity had been given to those who had only one dose, but that from the first of December the two doses will begin to be required to enter the collective places and new controls will be added, “which is painful because the cases of severity and death are still those of the unvaccinated, but they think it’s a game.”

He added that to complete 70% of the vaccinated population with two doses, it is necessary to apply about 700,000 doses in the country, so he hopes it will be achieved before the first of December. He said that the electronic card would also facilitate and speed up the process of applying the measure.

“We call on the business community because Public Health depends a lot on it, so we ask them to help us because there are companies that must resume the guard again so that we can reach the goal of 70% of those vaccinated with second doses.”

However, he pointed out that places like banking institutions are very firmly attached to compliance with that resolution, whom he congratulated.

“I sent it immediately to Dargán, to Marranzini, to Brache (Dominican business leaders) because they are the ones who have to help us, I went now to three places and they were demanding it, but I agree with the newspaper, that there are places that neglect the demand,” said the Minister of Public Health, interviewed by telephone.

Listín Diario published the details of a tour made of different establishments. It verified that only four of 10 places visited complied with the regulations of the letter imposed by the Ministry of Public Health.

The review indicates that almost 20 days after the validity of resolution 00048 that provides that the vaccination certificate is an indispensable requirement to enter shopping centers, shops, restaurants, gyms, and others, some establishments have already forgotten the measure or seem to ignore it.

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alfredo hidalgo
November 7, 2021 9:29 am

Recovery rate of this flu is over 99%…stop harassing the population…next stop Khmer Rouge…

Where there is a will...
November 7, 2021 11:04 pm

However, he pointed out that places like banking institutions are very firmly attached to compliance with that resolution, whom he congratulated.”

I went to Banco Popular the other day…walked right in…no temp check, no request of a vaccination card. I would say that his one visit to one bank does not reflect the overall reality.

November 8, 2021 12:36 am

Businesses are not bound by law to spend their time and money and enforcing illegal laws created by politicians who think they are above the law and the constitution.