Local November 17, 2021 | 12:12 pm

Police 400K drug case gets murkier by the minute

Police chief Alberto Then.

Santo Domingo .– The National Police reported Wednesday that the person in charge of the Department of Internal Affairs in Barahona, whose daughter is linked to the kidnapping of Corporal Esteban Féliz Medina, was suspended from his duties and remains under investigation.

1st Lt. José Antonio Suero Carrasco, up to now has not been determined if he is linked to the kidnapping of Corporal Esteban Féliz Medina, said police spokesman, Colonel Diego Pesqueira.

The suspended officer is the father of agent Cherilyn Stephan Suero Medina, who in turn is the wife of Jonathan Andrés Pérez, one of the agents who participated in the corporal’s kidnapping.

Pesqueira reiterated that from the National Police Directorate “corruption will not have space in that institution.”

The daughter of the officer who was Chief of Internal Affairs of the Police in Barahona when the theft of 400 kilos of cocaine took place was one of the policemen who participated in the kidnapping of Corporal Esteban Armando Féliz Batista, who after being released denounced the entire operation.

Stefan Suero and her husband, Jonathan Andrés Pérez, were the two people that Corporal Féliz Batista described as those who intercepted him in a black Tahoe vehicle to kidnap him and demand RD$5 million ransom, as part of the loot.

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hugh BATES
November 17, 2021 5:39 pm

Jail crocked cops!!!