Local November 18, 2021 | 2:15 pm

In Santiago they stopped requesting the vaccination card.

The vaccination card must contain two doses.

Santiago, DR

Except for banking entities, very few commercial establishments and public offices demand vaccination cards from their clients.

Regional Public Health authorities warned that as of December 1, they would toughen their actions to enforce the provision.

When the Public Health resolution came into effect, most businesses in Santiago, such as fabric stores, household appliances, supermarkets, pharmacies, shopping malls, public and private health centers, demanded the document to prove that visitors were vaccinated.

Some establishments hired an extra person who was in charge of demanding the card from their customers at the entrance of the stores.

But since at least a week ago, they discontinued, and many business owners and managers said that this was creating problems with their customers.

As for public offices, also very few are asking for them.

In a tour made by reporters, it was observed that one of the few agencies that are asking for cards from their visitors is Public Health, but other agencies let the resolution go unnoticed.

Regarding financial institutions and cooperatives, it was observed that they continue to be drastic with the requirement of the immunization document from their clients.

With this measure, Public Health seeks to motivate people who have not been immunized to go to the authorized centers and do so.

Despite this, many citizens are still reluctant to get vaccinated.

Nothing in transportation
Also, the collective transport buses discontinued the initiative of demanding vaccination cards from their passengers. Drivers say it is a waste of time and that users were complaining.

Health centers
Private and public health centers do not require the card to enter or be attended to.

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November 18, 2021 5:26 pm

The vax mandate is going over as well as a helmet mandate.

Imagine how many lives would be saved if the gubmint hires 1200 helmet Nazis, instead of harassing people (“ze papers, bitte”) who just want to go to the grocery store.

The vaxxes do NOT have any effect on reducing the spread of this pandemic virus. None. Nada. Any statement to the contrary is either ignorance or an intentional lie.


The only “science” beiong employed here is “political science.”

November 19, 2021 5:22 am

Wait until they figure out what the rest of us already know, the vaccine doesn’t work.
Stop pushing vaccines and start pushing healthy lifestyles.

November 19, 2021 12:09 pm

Dominican politicos, ALL of them, as well as a large % of the ignorant population, are like clapping seals in a circus.

Some fascist in the first world employs full STASI-like lockdowns over a virus with a 99.97% survival rate without poison jabs—like Australia or Austria— and politicos clap with smiles, ready to do whatever their Master requires.

They should pay more attention to DeSantis or Abbot, true freedom-lovers who banned mandates, and both their states, multiple times larger than the DR, are at the bottom of “infections.”

Simple fact: the more jabs and the more tests, the more “infections. And vice versa.

No asymptomatic person should be tested for anything. The PCR is notoriously inaccurate, not by a little, but with a massive % of false positives that only cause panic and anxiety.

The more a population panics, the easier they are to control.

November 19, 2021 11:23 pm
Reply to  Cobraboy

110% agree…