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Children with influenza fill the Robert Reid Hospital

The number of children arriving at this medical center affected by the flu is increasing. Ja Maldonado

Santo Domingo, DR

As of yesterday, Friday morning, at least 18 children affected by the influenza virus in the inhalation therapy unit received medical attention at the Robert Reid Cabral Pediatric Hospital.

The medical center director, Clemente Terrero, said that “the hospital has an increase in demand for attention, both in the children’s consultation and in the emergency room” due to the “outbreak” in the country.

Although he did not specify the total number of admissions due to the influenza virus, he assured that the hospital was full.

“This morning (yesterday), we went to the inhalation therapy unit, where attention is given to children with respiratory problems, especially bronchial hyperreactivity crises, asthma, among others, and “it was full,” said Dr. Terrero.

“There is an outbreak of influenza. It is out of the ordinary. Last year we did not have these levels. We have isolated the influenza B virus and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Those two viruses are the ones we have been seeing that have caused all this,” he said.

The doctor explained that it can be attributed to the winter season, which always causes respiratory diseases due to the cold.

“But remember that we had two years in quarantine, so it is also due to the reopening of society,” he said.

As a consequence of the increase of respiratory infections in the country, Dr. Clemente proceeded to take a series of measures to improve care at the hospital. Among the steps taken to deal with the crisis at the hospital, he indicated that staff was appointed for continuous rotation, every eight hours, in the nebulization area.

In addition, nebulizers were organized in the area so that each child could receive nebulization when needed.

“We are going to have greater monitoring and surveillance,” the doctor explained.

Likewise, the doctor recommended parents vaccinate their children against influenza, and in case they start showing symptoms, “take them to the doctor immediately—before they deteriorate.”

Dengue cases have decreased.
Dr. Terrero said that there was an increase last week with 22 cases of dengue fever that then dropped to 11.

Currently, nine children remain in the hospital.

He assured that it is not something that remains constant. “Sometimes it goes down and sometimes it goes up,” he explained.

Regarding Covid-19
“Seven cases remain admitted and all are stable,” said Dr. Terrero.

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