Local November 22, 2021 | 3:27 pm

“We must be vaccinated against Influenza”, Dr. Evangelina Soler

The pneumologist and doctor Evangelina Soler declared that the Influenza virus infection has been increasing in the national territory and that the population should be vaccinated against it.

“This Influenza virus has spread rapidly. Mainly, children are the ones who transmit the most in their cases. Therefore, I believe that it is necessary that we vaccinate against the virus and reduce the contagions, in order to avoid greater evils,” she explained during an interview with the radio program “Sol de la Mañana.”

Soler mentioned that the number of cases has increased by 15% compared to October, which indicates that the virus has a real risk of spreading on a larger scale in the coming weeks.

She commented that symptoms of influenza, such as intense flu or muscle aches, can be mistaken for a common cold but pointed out that the virus hits the defenses seriously.

Soler further exclaimed that the population should consider vaccination to prevent the virus from affecting and reducing a victim’s health and, in the worst-case scenario, opening the door to Covid-19.

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November 22, 2021 8:57 pm

Oh, puh leeeeeeze…

The ONLY reason to vaxxx against the flu is if you’re “fully vaxxxed,” because very likely you have a crippled immune system and every new infection is gonna be exaggerated…because your leaky “vaccine” developed ADE in your immune system.

Many highly-regarded vaccinologists, immunologists, and other academics warned what might happen with “leaky vaccines”…and here we are.