Local November 23, 2021 | 3:07 pm

Military and immigration raids continue in search of illegal Haitians

Mao, Valverde, DR

Members of the second brigade of the Dominican Republic Army have arrested at least 256 undocumented Haitians who roamed the mountains, roads, and other places in the Northwest during the last three days, after crossing the border clandestinely.

Those detained for repatriation to their country include 30 women, 13 of them pregnant.

The operations have been carried out in communities in the provinces of Valverde, Santiago Rodríguez, Montecristi, and Dajabón, according to a report from the Second Brigade of the Army led by Colonel Germán Rosario Pérez.

With these interventions, they increase to 13,503 undocumented Haitians who soldiers of the fourth brigade have arrested.

A driver arrested
Three days ago, a group of 44 illegal immigrants was intervened in the community of Breña de Martín García, in Santiago Rodríguez, when they were transported in the red Daihatsu truck.

The vehicle was driven by Edward Rafael Santana Sosa, who was detained to be brought to justice.

Other actions in recent days have been carried out in the sectors of Nueva Judea, Sabana, San José, El Pino, Los Conucos, Gozuela, Copey and others in the provinces of Montecristi and Dajabón.

In the province of Dajabón, the interventions are directed and supervised by Colonel José Manuel Félix Brito, commander of the Tenth Army Battalion, and managed in the four provinces of the Northwest Line by also Colonel Rosario Pérez.

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November 23, 2021 10:47 pm

I have said this in past post… have “real police” in Sosua and arrest these girl…for what ever noble reason they are here…get them out of DR but will take real police that love there country…. until then these articles will keep happening… the police know were they are?????