Health November 24, 2021 | 4:21 pm

Vaccination against covid-19 sinks into silence

Jorge Luis Martínez / RHP

Santo Domingo, DR

Wrapped in deafening silence, that’s how the days go by in hospital facilities, sports areas, parking lots, and other spaces set up to carry out the National Vaccination Plan.

A few who do not add, among all, more than 50 or 60 immunized are the only ones who, with their arrival, interrupt with their steps the serenity of where they used to have to queue to enter.

“You look for now and you see silence, you look the other way and you see silence too,” were the words with which one of the collaborators of the vaccination spot that works in the karate pavilion of the Olympic Center described the daily environment.

Empty chairs, a crestfallen staff, and the chemical compound against COVID-19 sheltered is the panorama that has been repeated from center to center, according to those consulted, for just over two weeks.

For example, in the Santo Socorro hospital, the vaccination supervisors have gone out to the surroundings, and even so, the figures do not reach 50 people.

Also, at the post of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) this past Tuesday, only about 46 people were vaccinated.

One of those in charge of health area VI explained to this media that as soon as the “commotion” caused by the government regulation that ordered the presentation of the vaccination card to enter some public and private places ended, the rate of vaccination began decrease.

The health specialist indicated that only with new initiatives can the progress of the day be lifted and increased.

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Juan Cazador
November 25, 2021 7:13 am

Nadie con inteligencia quiere envenenarse con la vacuna experimental.

Johnny Doe
November 25, 2021 10:37 pm

Thank God people are finally waking up to this sham!