Local November 25, 2021 | 11:37 am

Dominican Navy recovers 8 bodies, rescues 22

Santo Domingo.- At least 8 bodies were recovered by members of the Dominican Republic Navy that also rescued 22 people alive from the waters of the Atlantic, near the coast of Celedonio, in Miches (northeast).

Before capsizing the yola type boat the boatpeople tried to travel illegally to reach Puerto Rico.

Rescue unit teams, divers and Coast Guard personnel are actively searching the area to save lives and prevent further human losses.

Likewise, the institution informs that, despite the alerts issued, of adverse maritime conditions for fragile and small boats, due to atmospheric conditions, “these unscrupulous groups that engage in illegal trips put the lives of these people at risk, leaving clandestinely under hostile atmospheric conditions.”

The institution maintains the best efforts to continue rescuing anyone who is still at sea, says the Navy in a statement.

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