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Luis Abinader: “No Dominican should die for lack of blood”

The president announced that he seeks to make the handling of blood transparent and that it be declared a “public good.”

Santo Domingo, DR

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, exclaimed that one of the goals of his administration at the head of the Executive Branch is to ensure that no Dominican loses his life due to lack of blood for medical treatment.

“By some fatal circumstance we have seen the uncertainty of seeing a close relative languish or lose due to blood shortages, given the deficit of blood in the country, the goal of all of us should be that no Dominican die for lack of blood, no Dominican should lose his life for lack of blood and all that depends on the joint actions of the Dominican people and us, “said the president.

Abinader’s statements took place during the “First day of blood donation” began, which will start in Greater Santo Domingo and Santiago and then extend to other parts of the country.

There, the president announced the “official” start-up of the National Hemocenter in Villa Mella and that the donation day will have mobile units in Santo Domingo and Santiago. Abinader took the opportunity to be the first person to donate to the mobile units.

The conference will continue for the remainder of the year and continue with “more interest and decision” next year. It was also determined as a “presidential goal” for the members of the work table to give the corresponding progress reports.

The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, also participated in the activity, who guaranteed that the mobile centers will be kept sanitized and with air conditioning to ensure a “pleasant experience” and that the blood will maintain “strict control” so as not to allow the contagion of some venereal disease.


Luis Abinader announced that he seeks to make the handling of blood transparent and that it be declared a “public good” to guarantee that it is free for citizens. Local authorities said that bill is ready and will be presented to the National Congress in the next few days.

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November 25, 2021 8:53 pm

Well maybe if they were not do archaic they would allow foreign women to donate. Get with the 21st century