Local November 30, 2021 | 11:57 am

Day of reckoning for Dominican generals

J. Torres R.

Santo Domingo.- Tue. morning at the Ciudad Nueva courthouse was the scene to arraign the generals Juan Carlos Torres Robiou and Julio Camilo de los Santos Viola, and others charged with heading a corruption network.

There are 13 people charged in the alleged corruption network uncovered with the “Operation 5G,” which has become the second phase of the “Coral case.”

Major General Adán Cáceres, former head of security for the former president Danilo Medina, is in prison.

The alleged network is also made up of General Boanerges Reyes Batista, of the Army of the Dominican Republic; by Captain Franklin Antonio Mata Flores, from the Dominican Navy (ARD), Colonels Carlos Augusto Lantigua Cruz, identified with the moniker “The Adjutant.” Yehudy Blandesmil Guzmán Alcántara, and Miguel Ventura Pichardo FARD, under the CT- 2.

It also involves Lieutenant Colonel Erasmo Roger Pérez Núñez, of the Air Force (FARD), and Kelman Santana Martínez, Army, among other military.

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