Local December 3, 2021 | 2:54 pm

Integral Strategy for Citizen Security is launched in Santiago

During the implementation of the Comprehensive Citizen Security Strategy in Santiago

SANTIAGO. – The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, and the Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesús Vásquez Martínez, left in operation the Comprehensive Strategy for Citizen Security “Mi País Seguro” in the city of Santiago, which will include in this first stage about ten sectors.

As part of the actions, 450 police officers, 65 motorcycles, and 32 vans were incorporated for patrolling the streets, which will support exceptional cases of 7 tactical units and four jail trucks.

When delivering the central speech of the act, Minister Jesús Vásquez revealed that among the sectors to intervene are: Cienfuegos, Pueblo Nuevo, Nibaje, La Joya, Los Jardines, Baracoa, La Otra Banda, Los Pepines, Ensanche Bermúdez and the Historic Center and commercial area of ​​Santiago.

During the implementation of the Comprehensive Citizen Security Strategy in Santiago

“We have come to Santiago with the purpose of joining forces and wills, to leave behind the years of neglect to which this dynamic and laborious population had been subjected, because we understand that it is time for this accumulated social debt to be paid off, and today we are here to take that first step with this initiative,” he said.

He explained that to achieve the objectives, the participation of all the representative sectors of Santiago, its businessmen, industrialists, community leaders, and churches, both Catholic and Evangelical, is needed because, without the participation of the community, the effort of the authorities, he would be limited. Still, he expressed his confidence that the spirit of solidarity that accompanies this Christmas season will facilitate unity.

He recalled that the pilot project My Safe Country includes the voluntary delivery of weapons and the identification of motorcycles, which are two main pillars in this Comprehensive Citizen Security Strategy. In addition, the government’s development and social welfare programs are added and implemented to reduce poverty levels in a climate of peace and hope for a better future for all.

Comprehensive Actions

Vásquez Martínez pointed out that the comprehensive actions include training young people and technical training, which will allow them to enter the labor market. Also assistance with special programs for women, sewing courses, and sports and cultural activities.

The welcoming remarks were given by the director of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), José Tavárez Henríquez, who highlighted the importance of the event.

The event was attended by the Vice Ministers of the Interior and Police Jesús Féliz and Ángela Jáquez, the director of the National Police, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then; the president of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella; the Ministers of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, and of Women, Mayra Jiménez; the president of the National Directorate of Drug Control (DNCD), Vice Admiral José Cabrera Ulloa; the governor of Santiago, Rosa Santos; the executive director of the National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (INTRANT), Rafael Arias, and the director of Proindustria, José Ulises Rodríguez, among other government officials, community representatives and religious leaders.

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