Local December 5, 2021 | 7:23 am

Irregularities found in Edeeste for more than RD$4.5 billion

Chamber of Accounts, file photo. / List

Santo Domingo, DR

In a new report published by the Chamber of Accounts (CC), this supervisory body detected a series of irregularities over RD $ 4,500 million within the Empresa Distribuidora de Energía del Este (Edeeste).

The audit carried out by the CC focused on purchasing and contracting, undervaluations, and payments of invoices without support to various companies during the 2013-2020 period.

Specifically, the report indicates processes involving the companies General Supply Corporation, SRL; Globus Electrical, SRL; United Suppliers Corporation, SRL; Wattmax Dominicana, SRL; Electrodacd, SRL; You contract Solution Services CSS, SRL; and, Márquez Sarraff Constructora, SRL.

In this sense, the investigation carried out by the CC indicates awards with incorrect procedures for amounts amounting to RD $ 832,601,067 and RD $ 299,951,758, as well as purchases of goods and services without contracts between the parties for a value of RD $ 801,880,612.

Likewise, it establishes the acquisition of goods and “adjustments to commercial offices” without an annual purchase plan, for an amount of RD $ 592,157,503, as well as purchases of goods from suppliers “linked to the same owners or partners” amounting to RD $ 652,200,422. and RD $ 571,512,432.

On the other hand, the supervisory body detailed that it found files of money disbursements that lack documentation that usually serves as support.

The audit request was deposited on August 31 and October 12, 2021, by the Special Prosecutor for the Persecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca).

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Paul Tierney
December 5, 2021 7:59 am

How are the Dominican people going to reclaim this money?

December 6, 2021 8:36 am
Reply to  Paul Tierney

They want, the most cowered nation are Dominicans, rum and beer they forget everything, fighting for their rights and demanding a better country is too much, 1000 pesos, and they forget about it