Local December 8, 2021 | 2:46 pm

INTRANT effects rule seeking free competition between traditional taxi drivers and digital platforms

Santo Domingo, DR.

The National Institute of Transit and Land Transport (INTRANT) put into effect the Technical Regulations of the Taxi Transport Service to regulate the operations of the taxi service both of traditional companies and of those that operate in the country through digital platforms.

The regulations, supported by Resolution NT No. 001-2021, seek to promote the conditions to increase the quality of the taxi service and the development of mobility under the technical and safety standards established by Law 63-17 on Mobility, Land Transportation, Traffic, and Road Safety.

The regulation will apply to natural and legal persons who participate directly or indirectly in providing this service in the national territory, in all its modalities.

The initiative arises, given the need for a legal instrument that integrates the guidelines and processes for taxi operators to promote free competition in the sector.

Last days, the Intrant held a public consultation so that the transport sector actors knew the proposal’s details and made the pertinent comments and suggestions.

On November 17, the director of the institution, Rafael Arias, held a meeting with the president of the Dominican Confederation of Tourist Taxi Drivers (Codotatur), Santiago Zamora, and the president of the Dominican Association of Drivers by Applications (ADOCAPPS), Odalis Vega, to agree on the legal aspects that will regulate the sector.

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