Local December 17, 2021 | 12:06 pm

Diplomats’ arrest in Dominican Republic surprised Haiti

Santo Domingo.- The Haitian embassy in the Dominican Republic was surprised by the arrest, followed by the publication of information on Thursday and Friday in the Dominican press and on social networks, of two employees of the Haitian consulate in Dajabón allegedly involved in trafficking and production of false identity documents.

“The Mission wants to clarify for all those interested that it has been a misunderstanding that is being clarified between the Haitian and Dominican authorities.

The Haitian Embassy confirms that the persons arrested are two official consulate employees who were carrying out their regular duties as community agents within the framework of the documentation process carried out by the Mission in the Dominican Republic.

“The arrest of consular employees has occurred despite the fact that they have identified themselves with their consular cards, an authenticity that was later confirmed by the consul responsible for the consulate, François Guerrier,” the embassy says in its statement.

Williamson Jean  and  Jackson Lorrain  were arrested in Guayubin.

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bernie sierra
December 17, 2021 2:24 pm

This was a mistake by our local authority. The minute that those two men identified themselves as foreign diplomat they needed to be let go unless they had committed an actual crime and were arrested during the act. But walking around with passports of their country citizens is not crime here or anywhere else in the world where the two diplomatic members were in.