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Blood pressure medicines are still scarce in pharmacies

Popular drugstores are highly attended by people seeking to lower the costs of their medical treatments and those seeking essential drugs to prevent diseases. JOSÉ ALBERTO MALDONADO

Santo Domingo, DR

In some popular drugstores, also called “People’s Pharmacies,” there has been a shortage of medicines for weeks, including those indicated for people suffering from high blood pressure.

This was announced by a citizen who works in one of those pharmacies set up by the State to sell medicines at low cost.

The employee, who did not want to offer her name, works in a hospital in Santo Domingo Oeste.

She revealed to this newspaper that they also do not have acetaminophen for children, in syrup, adult tablets only. However, during a tour of Listín Diario, the citizen confirmed that many drugs arrived at that pharmacy three days ago and have already begun to supply it.

As indicated, the information provided on the actual situation is that the drugs were in stock, under inventory.

“After the drugs are in stock, you have to wait for the suppliers,” said the pharmacy worker.

Minutes later, a citizen arrived with a cooler with some needles, asked for insulin, and took out RD$500 so that the worker could charge RD$300. A few days ago, the Government, through the Program of Essential Medicines and Central Logistic Support (Promese/Cal), informed that it already had a permanent supply of medicines to the 595 Farmacias del Pueblo (People’s Pharmacies).

Promese/Cal also added that starting this week. High demand drugs will be entering their warehouses that will improve the inventories of the People’s Pharmacies, among other vitamins and minerals, Acetaminophen, Diclofenac, Omeprazole, Losartan, Acetyl Salicylic Acid, Enalapril, Glimencamide, Amoxicillin + Clavulanic Acid, Lisinopril, Metformin, Clopidogrel, Ibuprofen, Azithromycin, and Ampicillin.

In addition, the Government has assured that it is taking measures to address the shortage of medicines caused by the delays of suppliers due to the global transport crisis, the increase in the prices of freight and raw materials, and the lack of containers.


The interviewee said that the People’s Pharmacies are the only opportunity to get medicines to improve their health condition for many people with limited resources.

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