Local December 19, 2021 | 10:41 am

Weather conditions for this Sunday

This Sunday, good weather conditions will be observed with mostly clear skies to scattered clouds and scarce precipitation during the morning in most of the country the National Meteorological Office (ONAMET) announced.

However, ONAMET specifies that in the afternoon, the east/northeast wind will bring moisture associated with a weak trough in the lower levels of the troposphere north of Puerto Rico to cause occasional cloud increases with local rains and isolated gusts of wind in some parts of the northeast, southeast and the Central Cordillera.

For Monday, the beginning of the workweek will dawn with some clouds and local rains in sectors near the Caribbean coastal plain, the northeast region. In the Central Cordillera, due to the passage of the weak trough and the wind from the east/northeast, the afternoon will continue the same conditions until early evening in the southwest, northwest, and the Central Cordillera. In the rest of the area, many hours of sunshine and little precipitation will prevail.

From midday, the maritime conditions will gradually improve on both coasts. On the Atlantic coast, the operators of the fragile, small and medium-sized boats should remain in port from Cabo Engaño to Cabo Francés Viejo and from Cabo Francés Viejo to the Bay of Manzanilla.

On the Caribbean coast, operators of fragile, small, and medium-sized vessels are advised to remain in port from Punta Prieta (Barahona) to Cabo Beata (Pedernales). Due to wind and abnormal swell, the rest of the Caribbean coast should navigate with caution near the coastal perimeter.

Temperatures will remain pleasant at night and early morning, especially in mountainous areas, due to the time of the year.

Today. Scattered clouds and sunshine in the morning, being cloudy at times with passing showers and wind gusts towards the northeast, southeast, and the Central Cordillera.

Monday: Partly cloudy to cloudy at times with local rains towards the Caribbean coast, the northeast, and the Central Cordillera from the morning.

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