Local December 23, 2021 | 3:44 pm

First bottles manufactured in the country arrive at CND for approval

As they are first samples, they are currently undergoing a Brewery production line testing process to validate compliance with all required technical specifications.

Crisis. Packaging shortage

The reactivation of the local glass industry began to bear its first fruits after the agreement signed between Cervecería Nacional Dominicana (CND) and the Caribbean Glass Industry with the first bottles of samples produced. This good news comes after months of constant work and effort from both companies.

Executives from Cervecería Nacional and Caribbean Industry said that these containers, with a transparent presentation because they are first samples, are currently undergoing a test process in the Cervecería production line to validate compliance with all the required technical specifications.

They affirm that this stage could last a few weeks but that it is necessary to guarantee an optimal operation of the furnace for the next few years.

Cervecería makes other efforts to increase bottle availability.

The VP of Marketing and Strategy of the Brewery, Cándida Hernández, pointed out that receiving the first bottles from Caribbean Glass Industry is excellent news, which allows the company to advance in solving the problem of availability of containers that are affecting them.



“And it is that, although this is considered an important advance thanks to local efforts, the global logistics crisis remains latent and makes it difficult for Cervecería to access the bottles it has ordered abroad this year,” Hernández said.
To date, they have only received 57% of those ordered from their international suppliers, which has prevented the company from meeting the increased demand in the post-pandemic.

This situation not only impacts Cervecería and Presidente beer, as there are other products in the beverage sector and other industries with high demand, especially in December, such as toys and certain seasonal foods that suffer from the problems presented by the global supply chain and the limitations of shipping.

Hernández predicts that challenging days await us this December holiday, which is why he appeals to the understanding of customers and consumers of the Presidente brand, inviting them to be part of the solution by returning empty containers.

In addition to supporting the reactivation of the glass industry in the country, Cervecería makes other enormous efforts to increase the availability of packaging, such as increasing the value of the returned bottle and the “Again a cold” campaign, which encourages consumers and to the commerce to promote the return of the today scarce empty bottles of beer.

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Paul Tierney
December 24, 2021 9:17 am

Just hope the light at the end of the tunnel comes quick. The bottle shortage is a result of lack of insight by the company to make note of bottle return drives of other countries that have benefited their economies by recycling bottles to keep their environments green.

The CND and the Caribbean Glass Industry should work hand in hand to establish a national bottle return system. It will benefit everybody.