Local December 28, 2021 | 2:39 pm

Assembly of towers for the Cable Car begins

The assembly of the work would be complete by December 2022 ( external source )

The Unidad Ejecutora para la Readecuación de Barrios y Entornos (URBE) has received more than 80 containers with the parts to assemble the 25 towers that will support the cables of the second line of the Santo Domingo Cable Car, as well as various components for the Los Alcarrizos and Los Americanos stations.

At the end of November, the first ten containers arrived with the modules that will make up the electromechanical stations, the tensioning system, the walkways of the pylons, and other components for the Los Alcarrizos stations.

If there are no maritime transportation problems, URBE expects all the necessary parts to complete these two terminals to arrive before February 2022.

Thus, only the manufacture, supply, and assembly of the Las Toronjas and Puente Blanco stations and the traction cable, cabins, and other components of the system will be pending.

The other two stations and the cabins should arrive in the country before June 2022. URBE’s schedule calls for the Los Alcarrizos Cable Car to be fully assembled by December of that year to start operating in 2023.

Jhael Isa Tavárez, executive director of the Office for the Development of Urban and Interurban Mobility Projects of the Ministry of the Presidency, indicated that the consortium Poma-J. Fortuna consortium will carry out the installation. He pointed out that, on this occasion, there will be more Dominican hands doing the work than there were with the first line of the Santo Domingo Cable Car.

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