Local December 29, 2021 | 8:02 am

Prices still show no signs of change

Citizens check prices in a market in the capital, en route to the end of the year. / DAILY LIST

Santo Domingo, DR
During a tour yesterday, Tuesday, of the Merca Santo Domingo and the Mercado Nuevo de la Duarte, journalists from Listín Diario confirmed that the prices of the main consumer products for the New Year’s Eve holidays are the same as those established for Christmas Eve.

“The prices remain the same for the New Year’s Eve celebrations, although for February 2022, these will not be the same, because it is a season in which there is a greater production and the prices go down,” assured Modesto Fernandez, merchant in the Merca Santo Domingo.

For her part, Cándida Félix regretted that everything was expensive, which she understands is because the flow of buyers is meager. At the same time, she criticized that people are only interested in drinks and clothes.

Meanwhile, Plutarco de la Rosa, a butcher at Mercado Nuevo, said that meat prices are increasing every day.

“Nobody regulates…”
“There is no control, cattle ranchers have different prices every day, and nobody regulates anything. Today I bought at 107, but tomorrow the price’ll be 108,” complained Plutarco, and added that the merchants are the ones who are harmed because they suffer the consequences of the customers who complain about the high cost of beef.

He also said that the cattle ranchers set the prices, and there is no way to negotiate with them because if they disagree, they take their animals away.

Same prices
In both the Merca Santo Domingo and the Mercado Nuevo de la Duarte, a pound of fresh chicken meat continues at RD$75, pork at RD$75, and beef at RD$150. A pound of onions costs RD$45, garlic RD$130, carrots at RD$25 a pound, green chili at RD$30 and bell peppers RD$45, while salad tomatoes at RD$35 a pound and “Bugalú” tomatoes RD$25 a pound, cabbage at RD$100 apiece and cucumber at RD$17 a pound.

Potatoes are at RD$20 a pound; ripe plantains are at RD$15, plantain barahonero at RD$17; plantain criollo at RD$8 a unit; eggplant at RD$20 a unit, cassava at RD$12 a pound, potato RD$25 a pound.

Green apples are at RD$95 a pound and red apples at RD$95 a pound except for the smallest apples, at 3 for RD$100.

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Paul Tierney
December 29, 2021 8:55 am

The consumer knows prices will go up, rarely do they go down unless the government gets involved to control the market.